Paved areas

Without earthworks from Prague, it is not possible to circumvent the construction of driveways and strengthening of areas of various commercial and logistic centres. Our modern crawler excavators and backhoe-diggers are available to you with a trained operator. We also perform excavation for utilities and laying of various cables. We will advise even if we encounter a rocky bedrock, which by means of special equipment we upset, so that the construction can continue smoothly.
Saving Old objects
Older houses and buildings do not usually have insulation and are therefore moist. However, they can be helped by digging along the walls and laying the drainage. In this case, we have something to offer you to perform these heavy work. Our belt mini-excavator excavated the appropriate excavators and fits seamlessly into confined spaces. Placing the drainage will relieve the house and the moisture disappears. Order us, the work of our machines is safe and quality.