Hope dies last

The one who thinks that his life is no longer worth it, and that the best of all, perhaps, is to die, you would like to advise not to throw the flint in the Rye and try to go back to the girls again. That's the best way to build a person in a few moments. Seriously, you have tried it out a few times, and nothing else has worked so miracfully on you so far.
The first ad that didn't lie
And it was enough for you to accidentally read the Complivimax review. And even if it happened at a time when you were no longer expecting any miracles, they were so well written that they convinced you to buy one last pack of the avised instanted miracle, even though you have already tried dozens of similar. But the difference was that this time it was the first time that an advertisement was not lying. Your erection was as solid as a stone, whatever you were doing, so the penis was kept up as long as it hadn't been for years. So you said you had to use the miracle right away in practice, and the same evening you enjoyed it properly. And now you feel like you've been rejuvenated by not ten, but twenty years.