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On this page we will just explain how are we going to help you and how to best use our website so read carefully.

How do we help?

We look for organisations and companies which provide opportunities that will benefit students:
  • who've just passed matric,
  • studying at tertiary institution,
  • dropped out at tertiary institution or
  • just completed their studies and looking for a training or a job.
We are not a recruitment agency and DO NOT DEAL WITH CV's. What we do is help students who are focused, dedicated and serious about their future.

So What Do You Need To Do?

Well we do pretty much all of the work for you. We do not only gather internship programmes but all the opportunities we think may benefit you in any way. We publish them on and we inform you through our newsletter. We also capture some of your details if you agree to do so and have them ready for any recruiting organization willing to work with us.

Your Role

Subscribe to our newsletter and fill in your profile as we request and DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR CV. Be Precise When Filling in Your Details - Do Not Give Us Unwanted Information. We actively monitor the under graduate employment market on an ongoing basis.

While we do our best to bring you all the latest internship programmes and other opportunities we also expect you to be proactive in applying as per the ad. If you see any opportunity on our site, click on that link and READ the ad properly and understand it before applying.

What to expect:

  • You will get a weekly update with jobs and other student opportunities!
  • We'll provide you with an ongoing service and update you with any information relevant to student needs.
  • We bring job offers and student opportunities right to your inbox and on our facebook group.
  • So join our facebook group "Student Center" and check for updates on your inbox everyday.

How Much Will This Cost A Student?

Nothing! You just sit back while our gears and cogs and levers go to work behind the scenes. While some employers approach us with positions and student opportunities we also seek out potential organisations and companies that need such students.

We pass every opportunity sent our way to your inbox (after you have subscribed) and all you have to do is just check your inbox weekly and if you find anything in line with what you need you can apply for it. And all of this we ask for nothing in return but that you think of others in need of such opportunities and share them with your friends through facebook, tweeter etc.

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Interview Tips

It is important to prepare yourself for the interview when applying for jobs, bursaries, learnerships etc. To find out out what is expected of you when you receive that call view this page